EUCLID – EU-CHINA Lever for IPM Demonstration – is an Horizon 2020 Project aimed at securing food production for the increasing worldwide population (2015-2019). EUCLID has developed sustainable production methodologies to fight pests with an Integrated Pest Management approach, to be used in European and Chinese agriculture.

A list of Policy Recommendations is produced as one of the key outcomes of the project. It stems from directly engaging and confronting with national, international and EU authorities to understand how policy can support the development of IPM measures and the uptake of IPM products in the market. 

As the outbreak of COVID-19 emerged in Italy at the end of February, here at VIU we acted quickly to introduce measures to mitigate the impact on our programs and on VIULife.

A few months ago, the Italian Government decided to establish a remembrance day for Dante Alighieri, and the chosen date is 25 March.
After 700 years, Italy and the world are ready to celebrate the Greatest of Poets on a special day, featuring various activities in schools, city squares, town halls and libraries.

We are glad to announce that on June 11-13 2021 we are organizing the second edition of the Venice World Multidisciplinary Conference on Republics and Republicanism.

Venice International University has been closed to students, staff and the public since March 2, 2020, in accordance with the measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 issued by Decree of the Italian Prime Minister. Prior to closure, VIU had been monitoring the global situation of the Covid-19 outbreak, and is adopting the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the Italian Ministry of Health, in consultation with the local health authorities. VIU staff are operational via smart-working, and can be contacted by telephone or by email. 


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