The Thematic Environmental Networks (TEN) Program on Sustainability carries out training, research and dissemination in the field of Sustainable Development with particular attention to emerging economies.

TEN is conceived as a knowledge-sharing platform for competent authorities in the field of Sustainable Development and promotes the collaboration among Academia, Governments and Enterprises through an international network of more than 500 experts whose expertise span the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social.

Green & Circular Economy, Environmental Management & Security, Science Communication & Education are the focus areas of the TEN Program.

Capacity building, stakeholders’ engagement, dissemination and networking are its core activities, approached through a participatory and learning-by-doing methodology.  

In particular, TEN: 

• offers advanced trainings for policy-makers, civil servants and experts on a variety of topics dealing with Sustainability;
• develops research activities on the main areas of environmental management, with specific focus on developing countries;
• promotes workshops and conferences in cooperation with international renowned institutions.

The TEN Program offers scientific support to the VIU Academic programs in which environment and sustainable development are key elements of discussion.

It facilitates VIU participation in international and national networks on sustainability as UN Global Compact, Global Compact Network Foundation, UN SDSN, ASviS, GUPES. 



TEN People

Scientific Director

Prof. Ignazio Musu —

Executive Director
Alessandra Fornetti —

Scientific Coordinator
Ilda Mannino —

Program Coordinator
Elisa Carlotto —


VIU Fellows

Prof. Massimiliano Montini, University of Siena
Prof. Arturo Lorenzoni, University of Padua
Prof. Margherita E. Turvani, University IUAV of Venice