July 31 - August 25, 2023

The Globalization Program is VIU’s education program for Bachelor's and Master’s-level students in VIU’s member institutions. The program brings together talented, motivated students in a truly multicultural, international, and interdisciplinary environment. Students enjoy a powerful learning experience in which they develop their capacity for critical thinking, working across disciplines, creatively embracing new ideas.

In 2022 VIU introduced a Summer Session of the Globalization Program with the aim of extending the opportunities to study and teach at VIU. Through this opportunity, VIU will also serve the needs of those students who otherwise face barriers to participation during the semester-long programs. 

Courses will be delivered through interactive forms of tuition (seminars, discussions, presentations, etc.), to foster group work and to mix nationalities and students from different disciplines. The number of students per class may vary from 10-20.
Each course consists of 40 hours of tuition including a virtual component that will be held before the beginning of the program (July 1-30, 2023).
The aim of the virtual component is to facilitate interaction before and after the program and strengthen the network among the participants.
The virtual component may include online classes/presentations/discussions and asynchronous activities, facilitating collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork.

There is currently an open Call for Lectureships. 


The selected courses will be published here in February 2023. 

Application from students will be accepted: April 15 - May 15, 2023.