The Academic Programs are joint activities developed by the member universities through VIU's Academic Council.

The activities are complementary to the curricular studies undertaken in the universities, and students can integrate them in their academic career.

The Academic Council issues Calls for lectureships and Calls for interest for the Academic Programs. The proposals are examined, discussed and selected during the biannual meeetings of the Council.



Prof. Carlo Giupponi -

Vice Dean 
Prof. Luca Pes -

Executive Director
Orla McLaughlin  -

Globalization Program

Scientific Director
Prof. Luca Pes -

Program Coordinator
Cristina Di Gioia -

Program Assistant
Maddalena Gottardi -

Program Assistant
Francesca Zennaro -

Intensive Graduate Activities

Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Ilda Mannino -

Program Coordinator
Elisa Carlotto -