VIU students have the extraordinary opportunity to live in a world heritage city with a great concentration of arts, architecture and history. But it is not only the signs of the past that make Venice an interesting place to live: the city is a living machine in a unique setting on water, which represents an alternative urban and social concept which extends from the mainland to the many islands in the lagoon and estuary.

The rich co-curricular program offers students the opportunity to discover and relate to the city of Venice, its lagoon and hinterland, taking teaching out of the classroom and in to the field, and creating opportunities for students to socialize with their peers.

Activities include visits related to the courses to some of the traditional sights and tours of cultural sites of interest with experts in different fields, a weekly movie series and a variety of guest lectures and cultural events.

During Spring 2020 semester, due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy, the normal Globalization Program activities have been suspended, as the courses have been transformed into elearning format.

In an effort to reunite the Spring 2020 community, the RED scholars are organizing Tea2B meetings online, to virtually gather students and professors in front of their computer screens, with the accompaniment of a cup of tea, to discuss the current global situation and other hot topics.

Please find the program of the meetings in the box at the side of this page. The Webex invitation for each meeting is sent out to professors and students by email.