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The Maker Faire Rome is a showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness of the "Makers Movement".
TeDIS has been appointed by Innovacamera (Chamber of Commerce of Rome) to carry on dissemination and supporting activities within the framework of the Maker Faire 2016, 2015 and 2014, that were held in Rome annually in October.

Food, energy, water security and agricultural development are currently high on the agenda of international development agencies and national governments. With a growing world population, increasing demand for food and (renewable) energy, and competition for land and water, international land acquisitions have increased substantially within the last years and all over the world. The Worldwatch Institute estimated that 70 million hectares of land have been sold or rented to private parties, in the last 10 years, with a peak in 2009. These acquisitions involve land use changes to commercial uses and are pursued by private and public investors with different aims, the most relevant of which are food production, agrofuels production, forestry, tourism, conservation, renewable energy production.

The Artisans Federation of Entrepreneurs of Vicenza (FAIV) appointed TeDIS to design and implement a series of Workshops and Labs addressed to young designers coming from the main European Design Schools to promote the linkages between local artisans and contemporary designers in order to develop an innovative approach to the artisan world.

The project "Towards a "Green Economy"" was developed in 2014 in cooperation with Enel Foundation and the Regional Environmental Center (REC). It aimed at critically review the concepts of green economy and green growth, particularly considering the energy-environment challenge, at a global level and also looking at local implications. At the same time, it tried to assess whether the world is ready to deal with a new green technological and social revolution, and which are the main strategic, political, financial and behavioral issues involved.

The ICrome project was cofinanced by The Leonardo da Vinci Programme.
Venice International University was one of the receiving institutions of the ICroME project.that included 22 sending partners form Croatia and 12 receiving partners in Italy.

The project provided participants, young employees and unemployed people, with knowledge and specific competences in IRMO and offered mobility for working experience in Italy in the field of European project planning and management.  The funds covered the participants’ travel and living costs in the course of training placement, as well as the cost of preparation activities and the management of the project.

Sustainable Freight transport – now and tomorrow was co-financed by the Alpine Space Program under the 5th Call for Proposals. SusFreight aimed at addressing the environmental problems related to transports through the natural bottleneck represented by the economically dynamic regions composing the Alpine Space and aimed to identify and capitalise the results of the project developed within the Alpine Space Programme on sustainable freight transport  in order to provide policies for the next programme.


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