The project "Towards a "Green Economy"" was developed in 2014 in cooperation with Enel Foundation and the Regional Environmental Center (REC). It aimed at critically review the concepts of green economy and green growth, particularly considering the energy-environment challenge, at a global level and also looking at local implications. At the same time, it tried to assess whether the world is ready to deal with a new green technological and social revolution, and which are the main strategic, political, financial and behavioral issues involved.

 Four working papers were produced:
1. Transition to a Green Economy through appropriate policies (Prof. Ignazio Musu, VIU)
2. What drives carbon price? The case for the energy-environment challenge (Dr. Federico Pontoni, VIU)
3. What drives eco-innovation? (Dr. Federico Pontoni, VIU)
4. Optimising the role of societal and behavioral factors for transition to the green economy (Dr. Ruslan Zhechkov, REC)


Scientific Coordinator
Prof. Agar Brugiavini


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