VIU Lectures is a series of talks on topical issues of interest to the VIU Community. 
The Lectures will be online and open to the public. Registration is required. Sign up for VIU Communications to make sure you receive your invitation directly by email. 
Forthcoming in April-May: 

Human Rights Cities
April 21, 2021 - 5 pm

Simona Kustec, University of Ljubljana, Minister of Education, Science and Sport in the national government of Slovenia
Manfred Nowak, Global Campus of Human Rights
George Ulrich, Global Campus of Human Rights
Sara De Vido, VIU and Ca' Foscari

Cities, and local or regional administrations, can play an important role in guaranteeing fundamental rights, providing also opportunities for community dialogue and engagement on human rights issues. VIU has invited experienced scholars in the field for a discussion on Human Rights City initiatives and their implementation as complementary actions to other instruments including the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. 

In collaboration with:
- Global Campus of Human Rights
- Europe Direct, City of Venice


Environmental Activism in Venice
April 28, 2021

Anna Clara Basilicò, Venice Climate Camp
Jane Da Mosto, We are Here Venice
Representatives of Venice Calls

VIU has invited these associations to debate how and why they campaign for a more sustainable approach to environmental challenges in Venice.  



The Future of Europe
May 12, 2021 - 5pm 

Sara De Vido, Ca' Foscari and VIU
Sir Michael Leigh, Johns Hopkins Bologna
Luisella Pavan-Woolfe, Council of Europe
Anthony Teasdale, European Parliamentary Research Service

On May 6, EU Commission President, Ursula Von Der Leyen will deliver the State of the Union in Florence, laying out the challenges and opportunities for Europe amidst rising concerns over global commons and the climate emergency, a shifting economic and geopolitical power balance, major challenges to multilateralism, and the ongoing global battle against COVID-19. VIU has invited esteemed guests for an informed discussion on the future of Europe in a Changing World.

In collaboration with:
Europe Direct, City of Venice


Venice and its Lagoon | Unesco World Heritage Site
May 19, 2021 - 5pm

Katia Basili, City of Venice
Matteo Rosati, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe

Venice and its Lagoon was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987, in recognition of its unique historical, archaeological, urban and artistic heritage and exceptional cultural traditions, integrated into an extraordinary natural landscape. VIU has invited experienced professionals in the field of heritage conservation for a discussion about the measures, strategies, and innovations that are needed to guarantee a sustainable future for Venice and its lagoon.