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Accessibility and  Development for the Re-launch of the Inner Adriatic Area

The project was cofinanced by Interreg Itlaia Slovenia Porgram and aimed at creating a metropolitan area between the Italian and Slovenian border, thanks to the integration of Slovenia in the Shengen area. The integration between the two areas in one macro area allowed citizens and territory to augment its level of fruition. The urban areas of Trieste and Capodistria, the port of Gorizia and Nova Gorica, the airports of Venice, Ronchi dei Legionari and Lubiana will be  linked together by a railway ring that will be completed around those areas. The transport issue is analized form several point of views in a global vision capable to link ports and airports as a territorial network. The governance of this transnational territorial system requires an institutional network able to work together as a whole territorial system.

Euro-Asian research and training in CLImate change MAnagement (CLIMA) was a project funded by the European Union, within Asia-Link Programme, a programme dedicated to higher education networking between Europe and Asia.

CLIMA aimed to create a Euro-Asian network on Climate Change and Sustainable Development. The action responds to the need to enhance the technical and scientific capacities of young staff, to understand and respond to the local impacts of global changes by sustainable policies, procedures and practices.

The project, carried out in 2008-2010, included a benchmark of relevant initiatives carried out in Italy, EU and around the world, on the basis of which a proposal for ARPAV was developed.

Between 2008 and 2009 the TEN Center, together with the TeDIS Center, worked with the Veneto Region Environmental Protection Agency – ARPAV to create the knowledge basis to produce guidelines for the development of a database that links environmental data to health effects.

Between 2008 and 2010 the TEN Center, together with the TeDIS Center, worked with the Veneto Region Environmental Protection Agency – ARPAV on the modellization of the SIMAGE, an integrated system for environmental monitoring and emergency management, developed by ARPAV in collaboration with the Industrial Association of Porto Marghera (EZI).

The TEN Center contributed to identify the effects of different management alternatives on ecosystem services within the project on the definition of Sustainability Scenarios for the Venice Lagoon, carried out by Thetis in 2009.




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