For students of the Globalization Program
A really valuable part of studying at VIU is meeting students from different places, with different backgrounds, and studying in different disciplinary areas.
As we are starting the Spring semester online, we don't want you to miss out on this opportunity.

The VIU Virtual Exchange is an innovative and enriching initiative. The first edition of the VIU Virtual Exchange was launched in Fall 2020 within the framework of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project promoted and supported by the European Commission.  
It will be an opportunity for you to get to know each other and to have some interesting conversations about topics that (we hope!) are relevant to your lives today.

Among the aims of the project is the creation of an environment in which we, as the VIU community which you are part of, cultivate global awareness and global competence, and increased social and cultural openness.

How does it work?
Each week we will send you some articles/videos related to a topical issue, and you will meet your peer group for an online discussion once a week.
The project will last 4 weeks. It is not an academic course and your participation will not be graded. However, we do expect all registered students to participate.

The 4 topics are:
1) Communication in the ‘virtual exchange - Week 1 (January 25-29)
2) Culture(s) and imagination - Week 2 (February 1-5)
3) Gender and sexuality - Week 3 (February 8-12)
4) Migration, race and religion - Week 4 (February 15-19) 

The reading/video materials will be released week-by-week on the VIU Moodle eLearning platform. They are selected so as to help stimulate your reflections on the topic. There will be some exercises to do too, for some extra focus.

You will be divided into groups, so as to mix as much as possible countries of origin to create diverse discussion groups.
You will meet virtually via Zoom for a 90-minute live session for peer-to-peer discussion, with the participation of a facilitator.

Choose your preferred time slot for your online discussion group. Your live discussion session will be on the same day and at the same time each week. 

The choices for the online discussion group are:
Tuesdays 10 am-11.30 am
Wednesdays 3 pm-4.30 pm  
Thursdays 10 am-11.30 am
Fridays 3 pm-4.30pm

Choose your weekly session here
The choice of session made for the first week is also valid for the following three weeks.

What is Virtual Exchange?
Technology-enabled, facilitated, people-to-people education programs, employing a variety of technologies and educational pedagogy, leading to meaningful, transnational, and intercultural experiences.

Why at VIU?
To initiate engagement among students earlier, intensify exchange and collaboration among members and promote the “VIU model” of intercultural, interdisciplinary activities.

Learning Outcomes
- improved transversal (soft) skills: interpersonal and intercultural communication skills and competence relevant for employability
- increased ability to approach difference positively, through the cultivation of global awareness and global competence, and increased social and cultural openness
- increased capacity for critical thinking
- increased ability in creative problem-solving
- increased ability to work in teams
- improved language skills
- increased confidence, empathy, curiosity
- digital literacy

Project Development
VIU is grateful to Prof. Sabrina Marchetti (Ca' Foscari) and Prof. Dany Carnassale (Ca' Foscari) who are participating in the project by selecting the project modules and materials.

The VIU project started as part of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project that ended in 2020. You can get more information about the results and outcomes of this project, here. 
Each group will have a facilitator from UNICollaboration. Our staff member Maddalena Gottardi will also participate as a trainee facilitator.