For students of the Globalization Program

! July 2022 edition is cancelled.

A really valuable part of studying at VIU is meeting students from different places, with different backgrounds, and studying in different disciplinary areas.

The VIU Virtual Exchange is an innovative and enriching initiative. The first edition of the VIU Virtual Exchange was launched in Fall 2020 within the framework of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project promoted and supported by the European Commission.
It is an opportunity for students enrolled in the Globalization Program to get to know each other and to engage in interesting conversations about topics that are relevant to their lives today.

Among the aims of the project is the creation of an environment in which we, as the VIU community which you are part of, cultivate global awareness and global competence, and increased social and cultural openness.


- Communication in the “virtual exchange”: introduction to the challenges of interpersonal communication in encounters that take place in an international and intercultural setting.

- Culture(s) and imagination: how stereotypes and expectations shape the image we have about the other people's countries, languages and identities.

- Gender and sexuality: Participants will discuss how gender models and ideas about sexualities change from place to place and over time.

- Migration, race and religion: participants will discuss the difference of thought that can be created between people based on migratory backgrounds, and the “racial” and religious characteristics.

Furthermore, a facilitator will lead the discussion and help you during the live sessions. The facilitator has a neutral role, he/she helps with the progress of the discussion. The facilitator will create a safe space in which participants are free to express their thoughts and feelings without being judged for it.

How does it work?

Each week participants will find some articles or videos related to a topical issue that will be the subject of discussion for the live sessions. You will meet your peer group for a live online discussion once a week.

The materials – reading, video, exercises – will be released week-by-week on the VIU Moodle eLearning platform. They are selected to help stimulate your reflections on the topics.

The 4 weeks topics are:
- Week 1 (July 4-8): Communication in the “virtual exchange”
- Week 2 (July 11-15): Culture(s) and imagination
- Week 3 (July 18- 22): Gender and sexuality
- Week 4 (July 25-29): Migration, race and religion

The choices for the online discussion groups are:

Tuesdays 3 -4.30 pm (CEST)
Wednesdays 10-11.30 am (CEST)
Thursdays 3-4.30 pm (CEST)
Fridays 10-11.30 am (CEST)

Once you choose your preferred time slot for your online discussion group, your live discussion session will be on the same day and at the same time each week. 

For further information please write to: