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The local and regional authorities situated in the cross border areas are directly and rapidly affected by the EU enlargement process and its impacts. The project aimed to provide cross border institutions with tools for managing the impact of the increased migration fows

IntelCities was a research and technological development project to pool advanced knowledge and experience of electronic government, planning systems and citizen participation from across Europe.
It was cofinanced by the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme e EU Information Society Technologies programme.
The project was led by Manchester and Siena Universities with eighteen European partner cities, twenty ICT companies (including Nokia and CISCO) and thirty-six research groups.

TeDIS in collaboration with Veneto Innovazione developed a methodology to analyse the degree of innovative regional attractiveness. This methodology was applied to the five regions of the START network (Veneto, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Vienna, Hamburg) and the results of the analysis was presented in November 2005 in Padua.

TeDIS center of the VIU won in 2005 a call for tender of Innovazione Italia for the production of a research titled: “ICT for the excellence of the territory”.

The issues of the analisys were:

•  Analisys of the legislative tools
•  Support to the regional administration for the individuation of the territory of excellence’
•  Support to the regional administration for the reports of the “excellence plans”
•  Support to the Scientific Committee in the approval phase

It was a project cofinanced by the Cadses Programme and leaded by Eurosportello Veneto from 2003 to 2006

The emergence of information society was the most significant phenomenon reshaping the territorial competitiveness: therefore the decision was to set up a project for improving and extending ICT networks over the Adriatic - Danubian area of CADSES.

The project was cofinanced for the 50% by the European Commission through the Interreg IIIB CADSES funds and for the other 50 % from the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation.
Venice International University won a call for tender of the Veneto Region to carry on the management of the research tasks of the project regarding the implementation of three logistic pilot projects in collaboration with three industrial districts of the North East of Italy, namely, Montebelluna: wood and furniture district, Treviso textile district, Verona marble district.
The project aimed at providing local SMEs systems with innovative tools to sustain their competitiveness and the reducing traffic congestions.


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