Degree in Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples (Italy), specializing with a three-year PhD on the subject of  the representation of light and shadow in Sino-Japanese religious figurative and philosophical cultures.

The field of research and study is related to the History and Theory of Representation Methods, both in West and in Far East cultures. These fields of study have poured into teaching at the VIU: the courses I have held over many years have focused on comparative studies between different and multicultural approaches in the representation of two philosophical and existential categories, space and time.

I chose to teach at VIU because I was initially invited by the Dean of my faculty, but in reality, I wanted my studies and my research to have a bigger audience of listeners and an opportunity for comparison with students and colleagues from other disciplinary fields and other countries.

Teaching at the VIU is an extraordinary experience for many reasons: first of all, logistically. Reaching San Servolo is a real journey out of the secular world, and arriving on the island is equivalent to entering a microcosm where, however, the macrocosm converges. Precisely the interdisciplinarity offered by the academic programs and the possibility of comparing with colleagues and students from the most various backgrounds corresponds to a real personal and academic enrichment.

Because it is an experience of human and professional growth and maturation. You can meet students and colleagues with very different knowledge and fascinating approaches to research. In short, teaching at the VIU helps improve one's place in the world

It was interesting and enriching for me to receive insights from students who came from such different cultures and traditions. Teaching at VIU was a way of learning more about myself and my profession.

Apart from the discussions at the end of the lesson, which were always smart and engaging, the best moments were those in which, while waiting for the lesson or after its end, it was possible to speak freely with the students. An unforgettable experience.

I participated in the [Erasmus+] exchange program with Tel Aviv University, at The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of Art, where I gave lectures and seminars for the local Doctoral School. I was able to appreciate the high scientific level of that institution and collaborate in seminars and debates of the highest level, a unique opportunity also to show the results of my academic research.

The desire was to deepen the comparison with an academic institution, Tel Aviv University, very renowned and able to expand my cultural and human horizons. If I had the chance I would like to repeat it, since protocols of international scientific collaboration and friendships with formidable and highly skilled colleagues were born.


Agostino De Rosa's teaching at Tel Aviv University was supported by the Erasmus+ project: 2019-1-IT02-KA107-062057, in the context of the Erasmus+ Mobility Consortium 2017-1-IT02-KA108-036012. 

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