Master’s degree in Biology from the LMU Munich
Certificate studies in Intercultural Communication
Erasmus+ grant recipient

The idea of bringing together students and professors from 20 different universities, from different study backgrounds, of different ages to study and discuss current topics and challenges of our time is absolutely amazing and unique.

VIU offers the ideal framework and space for such an encounter on San Servolo. With its diverse and interdisciplinary curriculum, VIU enables students to create their own personal set of courses of interest. This shapes the students’ character and view of the world. This was the main reason why I decided to apply for a semester at VIU. I was amazed by the variety of courses and in particular by the specialization track “Environmental Management and Sustainable Development”. I wanted to learn more about the global challenges of our time, about sustainable development, climate change, and urban growth, but also about ecology and technology as challenges of ethics.

I am convinced that the ability to think and act interdisciplinary is a key feature in a globalized and changing world, and that competencies and knowledge beyond the own field of expertise is crucial for tackling critical global issues. This is also the reason why I am pursuing a graduate program in Intercultural Communication, after graduating with a M.Sc. in Biology from the LMU Munich. The Globalization Program at VIU represented the perfect addition to my academic portfolio as it allowed me to move across disciplines and cultures. And as I haven’t had the chance to do a semester abroad before, this was a great opportunity for an international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary experience. From this I will not only profit personally, but also in my future career which I see at the interface of science, communication, and politics.
Looking back, I can say that my expectations were not disappointed. On the contrary, my first semester was such an enriching experience that I prolonged my stay at VIU for another semester!

The productive and intercultural environment at VIU offered me the possibility to broaden my personal as well as my academic horizon, and to gain knowledge beyond my discipline. An eye-opening and unique experience! Moreover, it was a real pleasure to be part of the VIU community with fruitful exchanges of knowledge and creative ideas. I would highly recommend other students to apply for a semester at VIU, to build friendships for life in this exceptional city.



Eva-Carina Martschew was a recipient of an Erasmus+ grant while studying at VIU. She has been selected for an internship at the UNESCO Venice office within the VIU Internship Program

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