24 years old, Russian
I'm a 1st year PhD candidate in art history at the European University at St. Petersburg

My university is part of the consortium of the Venice International University so thanks that I have got the opportunity to apply for the program. I aimed to enrich the scope of my research in the history of architecture, testify it in different academic circles. Moreover, In the Venetian libraries, there are a number of manuscripts, historical and ancient that I would have liked to see, study and analyze in order to deepen specifically the subject of my study plan

I think the foremost idea I got from the time at VIU is that there are no national, class or other limits, especially in the academic society. The courses I chose helped me to share my ideas, look at things more broadly from an academic perspective.

What can be better than good people and marvelous Venice? Right nothing, which is one of the main reasons to apply for a semester at VIU.

I want to become an interdisciplinary specialist in art and architecture history, working in a big European museum or university, or another place where I can realize my professional skills.

Apart from studying, I love a lot of things in everyday life, from running to baking, from plants to clothes, and life cannot be good without a good film or a TV series.


Aleksandr Lemeshinskii was a recipient of an Erasmus+ grant while studying at VIU. 

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