Slovene, University of Ljubljana
The topics of my teaching are Macroeconomics, Environmental economics, Economics or culture, Philosophy of science and methodology, Institutional economics, Comparative analysis of economic systems.

I hold two classes at VIU in the school year 2020:

- Course No. 1: “Economics and management of art and culture”
- Course No. 2: “Global governance for peace and security, cooperation and development”

VIU experience was inspiring and challenging for me as a teacher since both of my classes were very heterogeneous. Students from under and postgraduate level, students from social and natural sciences, students from different socio-cultural backgrounds……...

Due to CODI19 situation teaching was conducted in all three forms (classical, on-line, dual one). This was challenging for both, for me as a teacher on one side and also for the students on the other. All these made my experience at VIU unique, interesting and enriching. Different in every/all aspects.

VIU is a network (consortium) of high quality academic institutions from more than 20 countries. VIU strongly promotes academic cooperation among partners in the network in order to facilitate an exchange of ideas and academic teaching in highly international context.

I believe that working together with experienced academic colleagues from all around the world, coming from different scientific communities and belonging to different schools of thought within is a true value added for every professor and also for wider VIU academic community. Interdisciplinary courses demand from us as professors to go with the curriculum beyond individual scientific disciplines in order to enable students to grasp and obtain knowledge which is required in today‘s globalized world. Therefore, I strongly believe that living and working in Venice can be really a unique experience for every professor.

Challenges of today’s word require from students deeper understanding of global challenges, as the need for sustainable development at the global level, global climate changes, global threats as financial crisis in 2008 (Big Recession) and pandemic in 2020 (COVID) in highly multicultural context and interconnected world. I believe that Globalization program tackles all these issues.

Programs at VIU bring together students from partner universities, the best and the most talented students. Students work, study and live with students from other cultures. During staying at VIU students also build their own social capital (network). Social capital is unlike other types of capital not embodied in individuals, but only in relations among them. The word "capital" means that relations students will built at VIU will have a value component, that can become a source of advantage in their further life and career.

Students can take courses which are away from their strict core field of study. Such a multicultural and plural environment enables students to combine insights from a range of different scientific disciplines as economics, political science, sociology, linguistic, culture, history etc. VIU combines interdisciplinary approach in highly multicultural context.

Classes were small so we could choose discussion topics in which students were highly interested. Students are invited to propose issues that have been raised in their country of origin or of their special interest. Tailored made approach was possible due to relatively small classes. Thinking out of the box is also always welcome at VIU. Thus, students will have a unique and intensive study experience at VIU.

Last but not least the city of Venice is a unique one. If you would like to study, work and live in an open museum than come to VIU.