Global Campus of Human Rights
Training Programme
16 − 23 October 2021
Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice Lido (Italy)

Deadline for applications: September 15, 2021

Human rights defenders play an essential role in the realisation of rights and promotion of equality. Not only do they fight for human rights in situations of oppression and abuse, they also act as monitors, drawing attention both to their respective communities and to the international community to otherwise neglected violations and threats.

The Venice School for Human Rights Defenders is devoted to developing human rights defenders’ advocacy skills and expertise and exploring today’s challenges in the field of human rights or other topical issues, allowing participants to examine their causes and possible solutions.

The training programme is organised by the Global Campus in cooperation with the European Parliament and it hosts the 2021 selected Sakharov Fellows.

The programme includes lectures by Sakharov laureates, Right Livelihood Foundation laureates, prominent human rights figures from international organisations, internationally renowned academics, experts and activists from civil society and NGOs, such as Rémy Bonny, Forbidden Colours NPO Executive Director, Angela Kariuki, Law Officer at UNEP, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, UN Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, Dalila Mujagic, WITNESS, Manfred Nowak, Global Campus Secretary General.

Why choose this course?
During the training programme, participants will be able to:
- share knowledge and expertise which human rights defenders can use to ensure their voice is central in international human rights decision-making processes
- discuss best practices and ways forward through the mutual exchange of experiences
- develop networks among Sakharov fellows and other human rights defenders.

Deadline for applications: September 15, 2021

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