As announced in the previous call, University of Exeter is planning for its annual International Summer School to take place on the Streatham campus this year from 30th June until 21st July 2022.

Within the programme, students have the chance to study up to 2 accredited courses worth 7.5 ECTS each as well as undertake a Global Challenge, explore the UK on day trips, experience London during our 4 day orientation trip and take part in an engaging social programme designed to help people make friends from all over the world. There is currently a choice of 13 different courses from four colleges, including the new Project Management course.

New for 2022, the Project Management course is delivered by the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences but takes a broader look at the practical aspects of managing a project outside of these areas as well. The module is designed to give students an understanding of how projects create value to organisations and society as a whole through the lens of project management theories and industrial case studies. Students will learn how to start projects, manage integration and communication, as well as delivery of projects in different areas including construction, healthcare, IT, and other major industries.

The full programme fee is £2,500 for one course and £3,250 for two courses and includes all accommodation, airport transfers and all other programme transport for field trips and day trips, the social programme and all registration and academic fees. The accommodation is self-catered, but students can choose to pay for meal vouchers on campus for breakfast and lunch, and some dinners are also provided as part of the social programme.

Scholarships contributions of £500 are also available for the programme for any students who apply and are able to evidence a current GPA of 3.7 or above.

The application window will remain open until 13th May 2021 but places will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. For more information on the programme or for students to apply, please see the website (


For the first time ever, University of Exeter is also running a Sustainability Summer Programme on campus, delivered by the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

This programme is also a credit bearing programme of one core theme and other optional mini modules to help students explore the concept of sustainability within the realms of STEM and how we can build towards that ultimate goal.

The programme will give students the chance to learn from keynote speakers who are leaders in their field and work on group projects to learn from and with other students from all over the world and truly gain a global perspective on the issues facing us and the challenge of sustainability. The programme is split into two smaller modules, the first segment will look at practical areas of STEM from engineering to sustainable materials. The second part of the programme will focus on one option from a variety of different specialisms from across the college including Urban Analytics (Computer Science), and Tackling Sustainability Challenges Using Data and Models (Mathematics with delivery from the Centre for Environmental Mathematics). There will also be optional mini modules from Renewable Energy, Engineering and Physics.

The Sustainability Summer Programme will run alongside the International Summer School, providing students with the chance to truly make global connections across all a variety of disciplines that could have an impact far into their future.

As with the International Summer School, students will have the chance to explore London at the start of the trip, with a focus on sustainable practice in the areas they visit, and enjoy field trips to some key areas to the theme of sustainability.

The programme fee for the Sustainability Summer Programme is £2,500 for the entire programme and includes the same elements as the International Summer School; accommodation, transport etc.

Applications are not yet open for this programme but students can register their interest and be notified of the opening of the application window on UOE website (
Application window will open at the end of January on Monday 31st January 2022.