On May 14, 2021 Amb. Umberto Vattani, VIU President, will be a guest at the third edition of the online Global Campus of Human Rights Conversations.

To participate, please register at this link.

The Global Campus of Human Rights wishes to provide a space for exchange of views on the possible futures for Venice, and to do so will host a series of “Online Global Campus of Human Rights Conversations: Possible Futures for Venice”.

The third edition will feature the following speakers, talking about possible futures based on historical traditions (such as the Festa della Sensa) and the modern relationship of the city with national institutions, academic networks/Universities, natural ecosystems, innovation technology and sustainability:

• Renato Brunetta, Minister for the Public Administration of the Italian Government
• Ambassador Umberto Vattani, President of the Venice International University (VIU)
• Piero Rosa Salva, President of VELA SpA and organiser of the Festa della Sensa
• Naomi Van Den Broeck and Charles-Antoine Leboeuf, Representatives EMA students
• Manfred Nowak, Secretary General
• Elisabetta Noli, Administrative Director

This Conversation will provide an occasion for local partners, staff, professors, alumni and students to actively participate in the discussion about the future development of the city of Venice, which hosts the Headquarters of the Global Campus of Human Rights at the Monastery of San Nicolò in Lido.