Organized by Science Gallery Venice, open to VIU Students
Deadline to apply: September 8, 2020

The Call for Venice-based Creative Students is at its second edition and aims to enhance the themes of the World Oceans Day, an initiative recognized by the United Nations since 2008 that aims to inform and involve citizens in the knowledge and protection of marine and coastal environments.
The intention is to continue the experience undertaken in 2019, i.e. a Call aimed at selecting future artists who, in close collaboration with a researcher/research team, produce works of various kinds inspired by the scientific articles of the researchers involved to organize an exhibition pursuing the principles of scientific dissemination, interdisciplinarity and intergenerational dialogue between students and researchers.
It is therefore intended to select between 10 and 15 participants who, after working alongside a researcher/research team from CNR Ismar, Isp and DAIS and a period of specific training, will produce as many works inspired by the research themes proposed.
The final objective of the project will be to set up an exhibition at DAIS, Ca’ Foscari University, which continues the cycle "The Art of Marine Sciences".
In case the condition will not allow it, it might be possible to transform the exhibition in a virtual one.


The selected students will have access to an interdisciplinary programme between art and science.

  • Each selected student will be accompanied by a researcher, who will be his scientific tutor and who will tell him/her his/her field of interest in the academic field, remaining available for the entire period of the program (October 2020 - May 2021);
  • Starting from the scientific publications of the researchers involved, the selected student will be asked to represent, through the artistic language, the research of his/her scientific tutor by 30 March 2021;
  • In the period between October 1 and November 30, 3 training events will be scheduled on the themes of communication and scientific dissemination;
  • Due to November 30, the students will have to finalise the concept of the work-art they are going to produce.
  • The works produced will be exhibited at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Statistics of the University Ca' Foscari Venezia in May / June 2021 (*about) or within a virtual exhibition.

The works, the result of collaboration between students and researchers, can be of different kinds: paintings, sculptures, videos, audio, infographics, installations, photographs, graphic novels or stories.
The only limitation is the spatial encumbrance: no work can occupy more than 1m3 of space.


The topics proposed by CNR and DAIS researchers are taken from articles published in scientific journals through a peer review process or from ongoing research projects and represent the state of the art in marine science research. Some examples of topics that will be proposed are

  • Dynamics of water masses in Mediterranean and polar environments
  • Microstructure and shuffling processes
  • Dynamics and wave observation
  • Origin of microplastics at sea and their impacts
  • Zooplankton and phytoplankton
  • Contaminants in the marine environment (mercury and other heavy metals)
  • Marine planning policies and strategies
  • Hydrodynamics of the Venice Lagoon emerging pollutants in the Venice Lagoon
  • Biota and small microplastics
  • Paleoclimate: the proxies of fires
  • Paleoclimate: the heating proxies
  • Arctic Aerosols and Bloom Algals
  • Fragrances in the Polar regions
  • Sediments and small microplastics
  • Hydrogeology and stable isotopes
  • seabirds i as bioindicators

The artistic challenge for those who will participate in the project will be to understand the work of the scientist, to represent it in order to clarify a process, or to promote a reflection or even provoke a discussion.


The objectives of the initiative are as follows:

  • to raise public awareness of environmental sustainability issues;
  • to inform and involve citizens in the knowledge and protection of marine and coastal environments;
  • to promote an intergenerational dialogue between students and researchers;
  • to develop the skills of students and researchers in science communication and dissemination;
  • to enhance the importance of art in society.


  • Students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice
  • Students of the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory
  • Students of Ca' Foscari Venice, IUAV, VIU and IUSVE Universities


To participate it is necessary to send your application by September 8th by connecting to the Science Gallery Venice website and filling in the application form (link).
In the participation procedure are required:

  • A SHORT BIOGRAPHY. We want to know you, tell us about you! Write a short presentation of who you are, indicating your educational path to date and your aspirations for the future. (MAX 500 CHARACTERS INCLUDING SPACES)
  • PORTFOLIO. Show us your previous works. Make a selection of a maximum of 3 jobs/works. If you don't have a portfolio yet, focus on the next application.
  • YOUR CONTRIBUTION. We are interested in understanding your affinity with our project and with the themes of art, science and sustainability. We ask you to tell us about the Acqua Alta emergency last November. How would you tell, to those who do not know it, the phenomenon of high water in Venice, using the artistic language that is most congenial to you?

You can send your artistic concept in various ways:

  • a text of 500 characters including spaces in which, through the literary language you prefer (prose, poetry, chronicle?), you can talk about the topic in question;
  • an image accompanied by explanatory text;
  • an audio/video file that effectively explains your project idea (musical composition, audio/video installation, video story?).

The concepts presented, if selected, can eventually evolve in the final work only if they are in line with the themes addressed by the researcher/team to which the artist will be attached.



The 10-15 selected students will receive the following awards:

  • Exhibition at the DAIS Department or virtual exhibition hosted on Science Gallery Venice Website
  • Attribution of a SMArt Passport card;
  • Attestation of Participation in the initiative issued by CNR - National Research Council, ISMAR headquarters in Venice and Istituto Scienze Polari, ISP Venice headquarters