DISCO will be part of the Urban Logistics Innovation Day that will be held on the 4th of June in Brussels.

Innovation is key to decarbonizing urban freight transport and improving the sustainability of urban logistics. This event brings together innovation practitioners from the urban logistics sector and forward-thinking cities to promote the use of innovative technologies, such as the Physical Internet, to achieve sustainability goals. It will discuss trends, challenges, and cooperation opportunities, and facilitate dialogue between public and private sectors to create a policy framework for zero-emission urban freight.

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DISCO project website

VIU_TeDIS is one of the partners of the DISCO project financed by the Horizon Europe Program.

DISCO aims at fast-tracking upscaling to a new generation of urban logistics and smart planning; enabling the transition to decarbonised and digital cities, delivering innovative frameworks and tools, and changing the Urban Logistics and Planning paradigm with a Physical Internet (PI) – led approach.

DISCO solutions are designed involving all stakeholders (e.g., cities, logistics service providers, retailers, real estate/public and private infrastructure owners, transport operators, research and technical community, civil society) together driving a paradigm change from sprawl to freight-efficient, zero-emission and nearby-delivery-based models.

DISCO is committed to pooling innovation capacity of urban logistics actors, so that the whole sector would be able to untap a huge amount of data-driven efficiency and sustainability potential, thus generating new values.

DISCO involves 48 partners from 12 countries (Italy, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark Sweden, Czech Republic) including the federated community of logistics service providers, mobility and technology providers, real estate and infrastructure owners and cities supported by specialised consulting, EU associations and academics.

DISCO partners and stakeholders will co-design, deploy, demonstrate, evaluate, and replicate innovative, inclusive, hyperconnected and data-driven urban logistics and planning solutions. The resulting dynamic and optimal space re-allocation, integrating urban freight within an efficiently operated network-of-networks, exploiting underused lands and assets, will include both fixed and mobile infrastructure, based on throughput demands.

VIU Role
VIU is the cooridnator of the Padua Living Lab implementation: Dynamic urban space re-allocation adopting modular lockers and coordinated network in real-time with logistics service providers.
Together with VIU:
_Padua Municipality, as Institution responsible for the SULP (Sustainable Urban Logistics Planning) development and policies, will be the host of the Lab;
_NEXT, the innovative and advanced transport system developed by Getplus Srl, using electrically powered modular vehicles, will be the technological partner.
The aim of the Living Lab is to phisically develop an urban logistics network based on urban spaces, strategically allocated to micro hubs and dynamic lockers and to digitally collect real-time data as decision making tools of freight demand allocation to urban transport capacity in the last mile.

Project duration: 42 months from May 2023

Lead partner: FIT consulting Srl



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