Carlo Giupponi, Professor of Economics, Dean of Venice International University
Discussant: Luca Pes, Professor of History, Vice-Dean of VIU

Wednesday, 3 March 2021, 5pm
via zoom

VIULectures is back in March 2021 with the first in a series of webinars on topical issues of interest to the VIU Community. This event is part also of VIU's activities to commemorate the 1600th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Venice. 

The world loves to talk of Venice. The problems faced by the city appear frequently in the news: acqua alta - the flooding caused by high tides, the environment, pollution, over-tourism, and currently the paradoxical challenge of a deserted city during the pandemic. Venice is often discussed in terms of its history with frequent reference to the "Myth of Venice". But Venice is a living city, which still exists, and that is not a mere myth or memory. The unfolding health and economic crises in the past year compel us to rethink development models and lifestyles. The pandemic presents us with the opportunity to rethink the fate of Venice, to imagine a better future for the city and not one that must be simply endured. 
There is no one single future for Venice, but if we consider diverse perspectives, there are many possible Futures of Venice.
With due consideration to the complexity of the city, and with a particular focus on the role of global change, the VIULecture will open a small window towards possible Futures of Venice.

Carlo Giupponi is Full Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and Dean of the Venice International University. His research activity focuses on sustainability science and global change, with specific interests in valuation methods, scenario analysis, and the integrated - economic, environmental and social - assessment of natural resources, at local to global scales. The most relevant methodological contributions are in the field of disciplinary integration, through the development of original methods and tools adopting participatory approaches, system dynamics, and spatial analysis as means for supporting decisions of private companies and public bodies. He has several responsibilities in academic institutions and elsewhere, including participation on boards of scientific journals, (SEMO), associations and networks (Global Compact).

Luca Pes is Vice Dean at Venice International University, and Scientific Director of the Globalization Program, where he teaches "History of Venice" and "Italian Contemporary History in Films". He has published mostly on Venetian 19th-21st Century Cultural and Social History, on the Methodology of Local and Urban History, and of History of the Present. His research and teaching areas include Cinema and History, Italian Society, History of Historiography, Diaries and Historiography, Venice in the 21st Century. He holds a B.Sc. (Econ.) in History and Government (LSE), a Laurea in History (Ca’ Foscari), and a PhD in Italian Studies (Reading).

This is also a VIU Global Challenges Initiative

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