Over 150 students have come from the world over to attend courses of the Spring 2019 term of the Globalization Program. This semester the courses taught by distinguished professors from VIU's member universities have reached the record number of 31, distributed across the core topics Italy, Cultures of the World and Global Challenges, and the specialization track on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.

Among the students, three have been selected as winners of the RED (Residency-Excellence-Diversity) Scholarship:

Tonja Sabrina Dingerdissen, BA student in Sociology, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Germany
Clara Saglietti, BA student in Global Governance, Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Italy
Sun Yisheng, BA student in Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, P.R. China

Two more students have been given the opportunity to join the team without scholarship:

Cristina Ayala Garcia, BA student in Political Sciences, Duke University, USA
Yotam Coman, MA student in Psychology, Tel Aviv University, Israel

As part of the RED scholarship team, the five students will actively contribute to co-curricular activities such as the Tea2B, informal conversations on key topics that involve students, professors and staff taking place on Mondays at prof. Luca Pes' office.
They will also participate in the Globalization Program Plenary Workshop and collaborate in the editorial team, under the guidance of prof. Pes, selecting materials from the participants, documenting the work of the workshop, editing contributions and writing articles for the VIU website and magazine.

Congratulations to the winners - have a great semester at Venice International University!