The health, safety, and well-being of our VIU community is the primary focus that guides the decisions of VIU relative to COVID-19.
VIU decisions regarding the Globalization Program are informed by Italian national legislation, Veneto Regional legislation, Italian ministerial guidance and the recommendations of the scientific community.

Download the complete Protocol in .pdf for the Globalization Program


Governmental Measures in Italy

Since the end of the state of emergency in March 2022 almost all measures and restrictions in Italy have been phased out.

Covid Certificates
Covid Certificates as proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test are no longer required.

Mask Mandates
Masks are required only in hospitals.
Masks are recommended, but not required in crowded areas, including on public transport.

Entering Italy from China

With a view to identifying and limiting the spread of possible variants of the COVID-19 virus, from 28 December 2022 to 31 January 2023 (subject to possible extension), the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of December 28, 2022 shall apply to all inbound passengers from China, and sets out the following provisions:

1. Before embarking, passengers must submit to the carrier certification of a negative test result taken within 72 hours for a PCR test, or within 48 hours for an antigen test;
2. On arrival passengers must take an antigen test at the airport or, should this be impossible, they must take a test at the local health authority within 48 hours of arrival;
3. If a passenger tests positive on arrival they must self-isolate in compliance with the current regulations (see below);
4. Another Covid test is required to end the period of isolation.

For isolation of positive Covid cases and close contacts, refer to dedicated section below. 


Measures At VIU

VIU is asking all students and professors of the Globalization Program to get a COVID-19 test before your first day of attendance in the program (within 72 hours for a PCR, or 48 hours for an antigen test) as a mitigation measure. Please do not attend classes or other activities on or off campus until you take a test and receive the results.

There is currently no mask mandate in place at VIU.

In all indoor spaces at VIU, wearing a mask is however recommended, especially during classes.

  • Gel hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms, seminar rooms, and conference halls.
  • Classrooms, seminar rooms, and conference halls should be ventilated regularly by opening the windows.
  • Follow any instructions and give careful consideration to recommendations sent by VIU staff and posted at the entrance to the premises, classrooms, MacLab & PC room or common areas.
  • VIU will continue to monitor any legislation and guidance from the local and national authorities relative to Covid-19.
  • VIU will cooperate fully with the health authorities in the event any restrictions or monitoring of COVID-19 are introduced.
  • VIU is committed to keeping the members of the VIU community informed of what is happening at VIU, in Venice, and in Italy in general

Bar / Cafeteria: No restrictions in place

During receptions, refreshment breaks, provided by VIU during the activities: No restrictions in place



All members of the VIU Community will be expected to participate fully in our joint efforts to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus.
If you have any concerns about the protocols, or compliance, please discuss them with your program coordinator.

Updates and integrations to this protocol will be published as needed.