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Questions you may have before applying:

Now that you are registered:

Visas and permits

School of Humanities and Social Sciences courses and programs

Accommodation and Arrival



Questions you may have before applying?

I'm interested in studying at VIU. How can I apply? Am I eligible?
The Globalization Program courses are open to any student enrolled in undergraduate or master's degree programs in any of the member universities. This includes students who are studying temporarily at Ca' Foscari and Iuav on exchange programs (e.g. Erasmus). Procedures and requirements differ depending on the university of origin. Visit the admissions section for more information.

Do I have to pay fees to study at VIU?
Students must be regularly enrolled in their home university and must pay regular tuition fees to their home university. No further fees are paid directly to Venice International University.

What is the deadline for applications for the Spring and Fall courses?
Registration for courses opens July 5 for the Fall semester and in January 15 for the Spring semester.
Registration for courses closes on the Thursday of orientation week (Friday for Spring 2013).
Students who wish to apply for accommodation on campus or in flats must pre-register for the program by May 31 for the Fall semester, or by November 30 for the Spring semester.

Is accommodation available on campus or in flats? How much does it cost?
Yes, there are residential halls at Venice International University on the island of San Servolo. The residential halls are not managed directly by VIU while the flats in the city are managed by VIU office. Description and other details about the accommodation including the price are sent directly to the students by email.
No single rooms are available for students attending the semester.
Students pre-registered by the accommodation deadline (May 31 for Fall, November 30 for Spring) will be placed on the accommodation lists.
For more informaton visit accommodation and VIU campus sections

I'd like to contact students who have studied at VIU before. How can I?
Join the Facebook group Venice International University. The aim is to get pas
t and future students of VIU connected. Use the Facebook group to ask former students about their experience and to get their recommendations and suggestions.
View VIU photos on Flickr in the UNIVIU group.

I have some questions and I don't find the answers on the website. Who should I contact?
Send your query to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +39 041 2719 511.

Visas and permits

Do I need a visa to study in Italy?
Students from countries outside the European Union must obtain a study visa. Visit our visa and permits section for more information.

I have obtained a visa. The Italian Embassy told me I had to get a Permesso di soggiorno once I arrived in Italy. What do I need to do to get it?
Visit our visa and permits section for more information.

      School of Humanities and Social Sciences courses

I've been admitted to the Globalization Program. How do I register for courses?
You must pre-register for the SHSS courses by filling out the on-line pre-registration form.
Pre-registration for Spring semesters opens October 15 of the previous year.
Pre-registration for Fall semesters opens April 29 of the same year.
Your pre-registration must be evaluated and approved. Once approved, you will receive your login and password.
You will need this login and password for the Course Registration on-line form.
Registration for Spring courses opens on January 15 of the same year.
Registration for Fall courses opens July 5 of the same year.

Is Orientation compulsory? I can't arrive in Venice until after Orientation starts. Is this okay? Do I have to notify anyone?
VIU recommends that all students participate in orientation activities, however it is not compulsory. It is not necessary to notify anyone.

I can't arrive in Venice until after courses start. Is this okay? Do I have to notify anyone?
Any classes missed will be marked as absences on attendance sheets. If you will miss classes because of a delayed arrival in Venice, you should notify the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Office. If you will miss classes because of university exams or for medical reasons certificates should be provided. Arrival after the first week of courses is not permitted.

How many courses should I take?
Some of the member universities set a minimum for their students.
Boston College: 5
Duke University: 4
Tel Aviv University: 4
Students who are staying in the Residential Halls on San Servolo are required to complete at least three full-term courses.

Is Italian for Foreigners compulsory?
Not necessarily. It depends on the policy of your home university. BC, Duke and TAU students are required to take Italian. Nearly all non-Italian students take Italian for Foreigners.

If I take Italian for foreigners, are there any other requirements?
Italian for Foreigners is reserved for students who are taking at least two other full-term courses. If you register for Italian for Foreigners, you are required to pass two other full-term courses in order to receive the credit.

I've changed my mind about the courses I'd like to take. How can I change my choices? When is the deadline for changing courses?
If you wish to change your preferences (either the courses or the order of preference) update your preference using the online course registration form.
Later registration forms override earlier ones so consider carefully your changes.
If you list a course in your preferences on successive forms you will maintain your place in the course (or on the waiting list if you were not granted a place).
The date of registration for that course will be the date you submitted the first form which included that course.
IMPORTANT: Please note however that if you list a course on a first form, omit it from a second form, and then add it again on a third, the date of registration for the course will be the date you submitted the third form. Omitting it on the second form means that the course is removed from your preferences in the system.

There is a cap on the number of students admitted to each course. A maximum of 20 students is admitted to each course.
Students can change their courses until the end of the orientation week, subject to availablility.

How do I know if I have got in to the courses I registered for?
You will receive an email with the first course registration status on February 5, 2014.

You can change your preferences until registration for courses closes on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 5 pm.

If you have been accepted to your top options, your alternative courses will be cancelled automatically when registration closes.

You will receive your final status by email once registration closes.

The Admission Petition form will be available online from 5 pm on Thursday, February 20, until 12 am on Sunday, February 23, 2014.

Students who submit admission petitions for one or more courses will be notified by email whether they have been granted a place.

Accommodation and Arrival

How do I get to VIU?
Visit the How to get to VIU section for information.

I have been granted accommodation on campus. When can I check in to my room?
For the accommodation dates you can refer to the Academic Calendar. The check-in is on Sunday before the beginning of the Orientation week for students who select VIU campus and the check-out is also on Sunday at the end of the Exam week.To request early arrival you should contact the reception to find out if there is availability for the night(s) prior to the commencement of the rental period. The extra nights will have to be paid for separately.
If you are staying in flats, we will check with you your arrival dates and we will put you in touch with your flat mates. The first student who will enter the flat will be given the keys for all. 

I am arriving very late in Venice. Will there be somebody available to check me in to my room?
The Reception of the residential halls is open 8.30-19.00. From 19.00-8.30 there is a night porter on duty. So check in is possible at any time. Check the Accommodation Agreement you received from San Servolo Servizi for further details regarding reception services.
If you are the first to check in the flat, you will arrange your arrival details with shss office staff, otherwise we will help you to arrange it with your flat mates.

Are towels, sheets, blankets and pillows provided or should I bring my own?
Towels, sheets, blankets and pillows are provided both in the dorms and in the flats. Towels and sheets are changed once a week in the dorms. You may want to consider bringing a duvet or comforter if you do not like sleeping with blankets if you are staying in the dorms.

How do I contact the reception?
Fax: + 39 041 2765420
Phone: + 39 041 2765100
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Can I receive post and packages at VIU? What is the correct address?
Yes, you can have post and packages sent to you at VIU. The correct address is:

Your name
Venice International University
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Venice International University
Isola di San Servolo
30100 Venezia

There are mailboxes in zone 2 of the main building where your post will be distributed. Note that post and packages will be placed in a public area. If you are expecting a package with valuable goods and you do not wish that it is placed in the mailboxes, you must notify the VIU Front Office in advance by writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it, and provide all the details of the package (ie. sender's name, airway bill number).
If anyone is sending you a package from outside the European Union please note that the package must include a proforma invoice. This is basically a list of the contents, and their estimated value.
DO NOT put down the real purchase value of the items. You will be charged import tax by customs. You should put a nominal value on these items which in total does not exceed 55 USD. The text of the proforma invoice could be something like this:

Proforma Invoice:
Package No. (or AWB or any other reference)
Sent to: Joe Smith
Telephone no.
From: Sam Jones

1 sweater $15
5 t-shirts $ 10
3 pairs socks $ 4
2 CDs (used) $ 4
etc. etc.

The contents of this package are the personal used property of name, a U.S/Israeli/Japanese citizen, who is currently studying in Italy. These goods are not for resale and will be returned to the U.S./Israel/Japan in June 2014.

Generally it is not a good idea to send electronics of any sort. If someone has to send you something, it should be taken out of its packaging so that it looks "used".

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