A new Training Academy for Maghreb Countries
The Academy for Training in Democratic Governance for Young Professionals of Southern Mediterranean Countries was set up at VIU in cooperation with EIUC and the Council of Europe. A series of courses are planned for the training of the new generation of Arab country leaders, the goal of which is to build a bridge between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.
VIU Summer Institute on Ageing, 3-7 June
Set up along the lines of the RAND Institute, the 2nd edition of the Summer School aims to deepen the understanding of the Ageing Process ranging from Medical and Epidemiological literature to Economics and Social Sciences, with hands-on sessions on Data Usage and Software Design on Ageing. The course is open to Graduate, PhDs and Professionals. Partial scholarships will be available for participation.
Visualizing Venice Summer Workshop 2014: the City and the Lagoon, 3-13 June
Scholarships funded by the Delmas Foundation are available for participation in the 2014 edition of the intensive summer workshop on digital visualization technologies. The workshop provides training in how new technologies can be integrated with the study of historical and material culture. Deadline for applications is March 15.
Summer School on Sustainable Landfilling and Final Sink, 11-20 July
The first edition of the summer school on Sustainable Waste Management organized by VIU in collaboration with IWWG will be held at VIU campus from July 11 to July 20, 2014. The school aims to give students an overview of the most recent and advanced technologies developed for the management of sustainable landfills.
VIU/Duke Environmental Management Summer School: Coping with Sea Level Rise, 14-27 July
Students will learn, in class and in the digital lab, how to use operational tools for coastal zone monitoring and management, while field trips in the Venice lagoon will allow students to examine the most up-to-date techniques for coastal defense and protection. Suitable for undergraduate and graduate students.

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