Call for applications for lectureships
VIU wishes to invite applications from professors and scholars in employment at one of the member universities or the Italian National Research Council, to teach one or more courses during a semester of the Globalization Program at Venice International University during the three-year period 2015-2017. The call also includes two of the core courses still outstanding for the Fall 2014 semester.
Course on New Challenges for Energy System
Enel Foundation, in cooperation with IEA, OME, RES4MED and VIU, organizes a training course for public officers and energy experts of non-EU Mediterranean countries. The course aims at describing the current scenario of energy markets in the Mediterranean Region while deepening the issues of renewable energy sources development, energy efficiency, gas markets. Apply before August 1.
Coping with Sea Level Rise
The Nicholas School of the Environment (Duke University) and VIU offer a Summer Program that provides training in key topics about the impact of sea level rise on coastal areas and cities, and about adaptation and mitigation strategies. The course aims to give students a broad perspective on the impact of sea level rise upon coastal areas from the social, economical and environmental point of view.
Sustainable Landfilling and Final Sink
The first edition of the Sustainable Waste Management Summer School organized by VIU in collaboration with the International Waste Working Group focuses on Sustainable Landfilling and Final Sink. The school aims to give an overview of the most recent and advanced technologies developed for the management of sustainable landfills. It was held at VIU on July 11-20.

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