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n. 22
Industrial Energy Efficiency


TEN Center considers sustainable development as one of the main fields of its activity and dedicates to it a research program focused on the topics listed below.


All topics are analysed from a global point of view, trying to keep the complexity of the issue of sustainable development, which involves not only environmental and technical aspects, but also economic, legal and institutional ones. We try to bear in mind the needs of developing countries approaching sustainable development, given that their strategical choices can greatly contribute to the solution of global environmental problems.  


The knowledge acquired is now constituting a review of the most recent developments in the field of sustainable development and is largely used as a starting point for the preparation of the training programs.


The main areas of research are the following:

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Chinese Ministry of Environment Training on Air pollution

New challenges for energy system in the Mediterranean Region

Ministry of Science and Technology Training on High-Technology and Science Parks for Sustainable Development