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International mobility testimonials: inauguration of Museums Accessibility web platform

Thanks to a VIU international mobility scholarship, Stefania Zardini Lacedelli, student in Economics and Management of the Arts at Ca’ Foscari University attending VIU Fall 2013 semester, carried ou ...
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International research internships and mobility opportunities

Students enrolled in the Fall 2014 term can compete for the Research Internships and Mobility program. The Program is addressed to students registered in any of the member Universities in the second y ...
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Ministry of Science and Technology Training on Innovation of Enterprises and Green Technologies

The courses organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology always pay great attention to the role of industries in China's sustainable development. What the forthcoming training ...
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Sus Freight project meeting and seminar "University think tank", October 7-9, 2014

VIU, through the TeDIS Center, is participating as partner in the EU project leaded by German Association for Housing Urban and Spatial Development "Sustainable Freight transport - Now and Tomorrow" ...
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Life + seminar; July 16-18, 2014

The Seminar on Life + Programme will be held from July 16 to 18 and aims at developing the possibilities to access European funds to a wide range of Educational Institution both public and private. ...
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Chinese Ministry of Environment Training on Air pollution

The Ministry of Environmental Protection of China (MEP) dedicates all three of the training courses in 2014 to air pollution, prevention and control, underlining the seriousness of the air pollution i ...
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Call for applications for lectureships in the Globalization Program

Venice International University wishes to invite applications from tenured professors and experienced scholars in employment at one of the member universities or the Italian National Research Council, ...
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Coping with Sea Level Rise: scholarship opportunities

  Limited places are still available for the VIU summer school on "Environmental Management in a Changing World: Coping with Sea Level Rise" jointly promoted by The Nicholas School of the Envi ...
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Ministry of Science and Technology Training on High-Technology and Science Parks for Sustainable Development

In recent years science and technology industrial parks in China have seen a steep increase in number, pushed by the country's investments in innovation and research programs for the support of econom ...
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Climate Ethics – interview with Prof. Metschl and Prof. Musu

      A seminar organized by the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG) , held on May 27th, 2014, on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice provided the occasion for two VIU pr ...
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Two courses of the Advanced Training Program in June 2014

Two courses of the Advanced Training Program are taking place in Italy in June 2014.   The Environmental Protection Bureaus of Beijing and Shanghai will jointly participate in the "Air Quality" tra ...
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Award of Scholarships for internships in Italy, Spring 2014

    During the Closing Ceremony of the Spring 2014 semester, Prof. Agar Brugiavini, Dean of VIU and Prof. Luca Pes, Director of VIU's School of Humanities and Social Sciences presented t ...
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Giulia De Zotti wins the 2014 Maria Weber Scholarship

In the course of the Spring 2014 Closing Ceremony, held on Thursday 29 May, the winner of this year's Maria Weber Scholarship was announced by the VIU Dean, Prof. Agar Brugiavini, the Director of the ...
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Visualizing Venice - summer 2014 Digital Workshop

From 3 to 13 June 2014, eighteen Master's students, Ph.D and Post Doctoral scholars in the Interpretive Humanities will attend the third edition of the intensive summer workshop on digital visualizati ...
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VIULectures 1|14: Funding Cultural Heritage. May 21, 2014

    Guest speaker Clemente Marconi, Professor of Archeology at the New York University and Director of the IFA Excavations on the Akropolis of Selinunte. Besides researches on Art and Ar ...
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Chinese Ministry of Environment Training on Air pollution

In western countries, the quality of the air they breathe is one of the main aspects that influence citizens’ perception of their life quality. In China, severe recent air pollution episodes caused ...
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Spring 2014 Closing Ceremony. May 29, 2014

    The Spring 2014 semester of the Globalization Program closes on Thursday, 29 May 2014. Since February 2014, 116 students of 22 different nationalities throughout America, Asia and Eur ...
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Globalization Program, Fall 2014 pre-registration open

Pre-registration for the Fall 2014 semester opens April 29. Over 100 students from all over the world will take courses on Italy, Cultures of the World and Global Challenges in the 15-week program. T ...
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Harvard Sustainability Science Course

The Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University and Venice International University offers an Advanced Short Course in Sustainability Science open to 30 active researchers selected by Harvard ...
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Internship opportunities in Italy for VIU students

Students currently attending the Spring 2014 semester of the VIU Globalization Program are invited to apply for an internship placement in Italy and a mobility scholarship.   The Call for appli ...
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