VIU is offering an internship period from February 15 to June 1, 2018.

To candidate, send your CV and motivation letter to

VIU Professor Hiroshi Nishihara tragically passed away on January 22nd​, following a car accident in Tokyo​.

Hiroshi Nishihara, 59, was Professor ​of Constitutional Law at Waseda​ University​, where he ​has also​ been​ Dean of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Director of the Institute of Social Sciences. He was National Bar Examiner for the Ministry of Justice of Japan. He was an internationally renown​ed​ scholar, who published numerous authoritative academic books and articles in Japanese, German and English. His main fields of research were Constitutionalism, Fundamental Theories on Human Rights, Constitution of the Welfare State and Sex Equality. Among other things, he was author of a book, explaining the Japanese Constitution to primary and middle school students.

Registration for the Spring 2018 courses has been postponed to January 15.

The full list of courses with descriptions and syllabi and the weekly schedule are now available online.

Inauguration of exhibition: Saturday 16, December at 4pm

In November, the Academic Council approved a series of Intensive Graduate Activities that will take place in 2018 and 2019. 


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