Waste Management Training for Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

Waste Management is still a priority in China. As the population keeps growing and adopting high-consumption lifestyles, the amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced is constantly increasing. On the other hand, the larger part of Waste is directly sent to landfills, which, in most cases, are not properly managed. Among the goals to be reached within Waste Management in China are the improvement of existing landfills management and the reduction of the waste to be disposed of there. During the training in Italy from March 3 to 14, the 40 participants selected by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) will be introduced to the Integrated Waste Management adopted in the European Union and Italy as a way to reduce the amount of waste generated and improve the way it is treated, in order to limit environmental pollution and health issues for citizens.


Many site visits are organized in order to make the participants see practical cases of waste treatment and valorization, together with examples of citizens’involvement; these will include: HERAmbiente S.p.A.’s hazardous waste treatment plant in Ravenna, Depuracque S.r.l.’s sludge and leachate treatment plant near Venice, Padua incineration plant, Centro Riciclo Vedelago S.r.l.’s plant for plastic sorting and recycling near Treviso, Veritas S.p.A.’s Integrated Waste Treatment Plant near Venice and AgriNewTech’s laboratories for organic waste valorization in Turin.

Further details can be found in the training course agenda at the Sustainable Development Community website.

More info on the TEN Center activities can be found at this link.


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