Graduate Seminar on Global Change and SDGs


September 12-16, 2016


Detailed Program


Framing Global Change and Green Economy according to the Sustainable Development Goals

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VIU Graduate Seminar

September 12-16, 2016


Applications open until September 5.


Prof. Carlo Giupponi,

Dean of VIU and Director of Venice Centre for Climate Studies,

Professor of Environmental Economics, Dept. Economics, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia

In collaboration with Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change.


Level of students and suitable fields of study:
PhD candidates in the fields of global change and sustainability studies, economics, environmental sciences, from any of VIU member universities (applications from  graduate students and from PhDs from other universities will  be considered).

The school will introduce and widen the challenges within the newly introduced Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) and the circular economy approach, focusing on SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and production and SDG 13 Climate Action, linking them through the green economy perspective.
The aim of the school is exposing participants (PhD and graduate students) to principles and issues related to the SDGs and the circular economy perspective, analysing them from different points of view and providing tools and methodologies to apply, among the others (i) economic and political tools, (ii) consumers’ behaviour and demand role, (iii) innovation and technical aspects, (iv) indicators and evaluation techniques.
The school is organized as a combination of lectures and student activities from Monday morning to Friday. The participants will be involved in lectures and in group work for practising and applying the tools and techniques presented. Moreover they will be provided with some survival skills for young researchers such as project proposal development.


Application form available here.



Day 1


September 12

_An Introduction to SDGs and their Links with Global Change - Marco FREY, SSSUP
_Physics of Climate Change and Energy Budgets (SDG7&13) - Francesco BERRILLI, Tor Vergata University
_Hands on Sustainability Indicators and Indexes - Lorenza CAMPAGNOLO, FEEM

Day 2


September 13

_Green Economy in a Global Change Perspective (SDG8&13) - Ignazio MUSU, Ca' Foscari University of Venice and VIU
_Multi-actor Integrated Assessment Models (SDG8&13) - Klaus HASSELMANN, Max Plank Institute for Meteorology
_Hands on experience with Multi-Actor Models - Klaus HASSELMANN

Day 3


September 14

_Greening Consumers' Behaviours (SDG12) - Mariangela ZOLI, U. Tor Vergata
_Adapting to Climate Change in Cities (SDG11&13) - Francesco Musco, IUAV of Venice
_Hands on experience with behavioural economics experiments - Mariangela ZOLI

Day 4


September 15

_Climate and Energy Policies: a Microeconomic Approach (SDG7&13) - Alessio D'AMATO, Tor Vergata University
_Environmental Economic Perspective on Energy (SDG7&13) - Arturo LORENZONI, University of Padua
_Hands on experience with Partial Equilibrium Analysis of Environmental Policy - Alessio D'AMATO

Day 5


September 16

_Assessment of SDGs in space and time (SDG2;6&7) - Carlo GIUPPONI, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and VIU
_The Principles of Industrial Ecology and Quasi-Cyclical Economy (SDG9&12) - Suren ERKMAN, UNIL



The final agenda can be downloaded here.




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