SMEs, local clusters and internationalization (1999-2006)

The process of SME's internationalization is a relevant TeDIS research area of interest. The goal of the TeDIS study program is to describe and to analyze the internationalization trends of Italian SMEs and local manufacturing systems within the global economy scenario and on the process of upgrading in traditional industries.


Aim and methodology

The aim of the study is twofold:
1) to better explain the evolution of district firms and the sustainability of the Italian industrial districts and related specialized industrial areas in the global competitive scenario;
2) to better understand the conditions for promoting district manufacturing system outside Italy, as successful model of economic development.

The TeDIS program is based on innovative research methodologies that couple macro-economic analyses, surveys and case studies together.


The 2010 research focus is the SME’s productive and commercial internationalization strategies, especially targeted on the made in Italy SMEs. Particularly starting from the Survey, the analysis was based on the comparison between the SMEs internationalization strategies and the global value chain governance.

TeDIS research activities are also developed in cooperation with international leading universities and research centers specialized in the global economy and value chain studies (Center on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness of the Duke University). The aim is to promote a joint methodology able to explain internationalization processes by both the cluster and the value chain perspectives.

Starting from 2008, together with Duke University's Center on Globalization, a series of workshops are be held annually, alternately in Venice and in Durham, NC. The workshops enhance the expertise on the themes of global value chains and competitiveness achieved in the last years by the CGGC and on the empirical research of Italian Industrial Districts carried out by TeDIS. The workshops highlight the key theories on global value chains, industrial districts, and local clusters, and take into consideration the participants' ongoing research as well as new research projects.


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Reports and Publications





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